Riverside State Park

Pretty little park by the river. Unfortunately the homeless situation on the road into the park makes this campground feel a bit unsafe.

Camping Price: $32

Campsite Type: Dry

Entrance Fee: None

Entrance Price: $0

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  • Electric Sites
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  • Sewer Sites
  • Showers
  • Bathrooms
  • Water Available
  • Dump Station
  • Laundry
  • Visitor Center
  • Camp Store
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Location: East

Address: 4427 N Aubrey L White Parkway Spokane, WA 99205

Phone: 509-625-5553

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AT&T: Unknown

Verizon: Good

T-Mobile: Poor

Starlink: Poor

Riverside State Park

Insider Information

Park entrance

While we were traveling east through Washington we needed a quick place to stay and "Riverside State Park Camping" came up Google search. The allure of its trails and the nearby river seemed too inviting to resist. A nature lover's dream, it promised not just any ordinary day out, but a wholesome experience. Upon reaching, we were greeted with well-maintained facilities that added to our comfort. The camping sites were shaded, providing a cool canopy overhead, and quite level, perfect for our van. Plus, the added conveniences of paid showers, clean toilets, water access, and a dump station made our stay more manageable. These touches made the overall camping experience quite pleasant. However, there was a little hiccup in our trip that's worth mentioning. The road leading into the park displayed permanent encampments that the city seems to have allowed. It gave us a mixed feeling about our visit. Given our overall experience, though we appreciate the park's natural offerings and facilities, we would not return in the future.


Bowl and Pitcher

Riverside State Park is beautifully situated along the Spokane River. The rich Riverside State Park history captivated us, drawing us to its unique "Bowl and Pitcher" campground. There's just something magical about sleeping alongside a river that holds so many stories. As we spent time there, we learned more about how the river has artistically sculpted the rocks over the years. Two of these formations were particularly intriguing, shaped uncannily to resemble a bowl and a pitcher. The captivating tales of Riverside State Park history made it easy to visualize a time when these rocks first took on their unique shapes. The intertwining of nature's art and historical tales truly added depth to our visit. One of the park's added advantages is its proximity to Spokane and I-90. This makes it incredibly convenient for those looking to indulge in some shopping or treat their taste buds to the city's dining options. However, it's worth noting that on our visit, several residents voiced concerns about a recent uptick in crime in 2023. Taking their advice to heart, we opted to spend more time soaking in the natural beauty of the park and delving deeper into Riverside State Park history. Although the city was nearby, we felt it best to prioritize our safety and immerse ourselves in the park's serene environment.



During our recent stay we experienced Riverside State Park camping during peak summer. The campground itself has a separated layout, divided into two distinct sections: the upper and lower areas. We chose a spot in the upper section, which gave us a bit of shorter walk to the hanging bridge. While our particular site didn't come with hookups, the ambiance and tranquility more than made up for it. Now, if you're someone who prefers electric and water hookups while camping, the lower section of Riverside State Park camping has got you covered. We took a stroll down there and noticed the amenities were thoughtfully set up. In both the upper and lower sections, the park ensures campers are well taken care of, offering restrooms equipped with flush toilets and showers, albeit paid. It's these little conveniences that can make camping feel a tad more luxurious. What truly stood out for us, though, was the peace enveloping the campground. Even with multiple campers around, the sites felt well-spaced out, and relatively level, ensuring privacy and comfort. Riverside State Park camping was genuinely a memorable experience, merging nature with just the right touch of convenience. You can find camping reservation information by clicking "Washington" at the top of the page or by clicking the link to the park website. We found prices to be a bit higher than other state parks offering the same amenities.


Bowl and Pitcher

During our stay, we of course explored the Riverside State Park facilities at the campground. Right off the bat, it was comforting to see that they offered the usual camping amenities. From flush toilets to fresh water and a very handy dump station, it felt like they'd thought of most campers' basic needs. It's always a plus when you know the facilities you'll be using are in good shape! We went into this campground not having researched much about it. It was on our way and close to I-90 and that's about all we knew. The upkeep of these facilities was commendable. Everything was neat, tidy, and appeared well-maintained. It's always a relief when you find clean restrooms and facilities, isn't it? While nothing stood out as exceptionally luxurious, there wasn't anything lacking either. It felt like the Riverside State Park facilities struck a balanced chord of offering just what you'd expect - all clean and functional. However, a little quirk we encountered was the token system for the paid showers. Instead of directly using quarters, you first need to change them into tokens, which then operate the showers. While it wasn't a major inconvenience, it added an extra step to the process. So, if you're planning a visit, keep some quarters handy for those tokens! Overall, Riverside State Park facilities provided a decent and straightforward experience.


Whenever we visit a state park hiking tops our list of activities. The trail leading to the river became our favorite spot, allowing us to repeatedly bask in the scenic views from the bridge. While we were pressed for time and couldn't venture out on the longer trails, it was reassuring to know they were there. One memorable sight was spotting a group of teenage boys attempting to raft down the river - such brave souls!

Boys rafting

For those who might not share our enthusiasm for hiking, the park might offer fewer diversions. It's a nature lover's playground, but if you're seeking varied entertainment options, it may feel a bit limited. Especially for parents with young children, it might be a bit of a task keeping the little ones engaged and entertained amidst the natural surroundings. So, always good to pack some extra toys or games, just in case! The climate during our stay was a mix of warm sunny days and cooler nights, which added to our camping experience. Sitting around a campfire under a starlit sky after a warm day was simply magical. We also noticed that, probably due to it being the tail end of summer, the river seemed to be running at lower levels. Still, the Riverside State Park activities and the beauty of the surroundings made our trip memorable.


Swinging bridge

Our recent trip near Riverside State Park was filled with so much to explore! Given its proximity to Spokane, there's a trove of activities awaiting adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. One of the standout attractions is the Spokane River Falls. It's a sight to behold! You have a few options when it comes to experiencing the falls: stroll around the picturesque Riverfront Park or opt for a gondola ride that takes you right next to the cascading water. Admittedly, we had to forego the gondola experience due to some unexpected heat, but the view of the falls from the bridge was nothing short of spectacular.

Falls info

Now, if you're wondering about other things to do near Riverside State Park, Coeur d'Alene, ID should be on your list! It's just a short drive away and offers its own set of charming experiences. We had the pleasure of visiting some old friends there, and together, we enjoyed a serene walk along the lake, soaking in the breathtaking views. In essence, if you ever find yourself wondering about things to do near Riverside State Park, rest assured there's an array of activities and scenic spots that promise to make your trip memorable. From waterfalls to serene lakeside walks, the area truly is a gem waiting to be discovered.